// Who we are

SGA’s team of specialists will stand by your company right from the inception of your business idea to the successful completion of the project.

Scandinavian Global Advisors, a global consultancy firm, is a joint venture between the Danish law firm Aumento and the Indian firm NDLO Business Consulting, a part of NDLO Group. We assist Nordic companies with establishing themselves in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia & UAE, and provide consulting expertise rooted in decades of experience and networks to overcome the hurdles present in setting up the cross-border exchange of technology, goods and services.

The Asian market offers lucrative opportunities to companies based in the Nordic countries, due to the substantial demand for the capabilities that Nordic companies offer specially in the sectors of water, energy, environment, IT & construction.

To benefit from this demand, Scandinavian Global Advisors assists Nordic companies in clinching business deals in Asia from start to finish, starting from identifying attractive business opportunities in the market, to finding partners, obtaining contracts, executing projects, securing timely payments and building healthy partnerships.

Scandinavian Global Advisors extends this service to both small and medium enterprises as well as larger companies in the following industrial sectors:

  • Clean Water
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Waste Management
  • Digital Technology
  • Modular Construction

Scandinavian Global Advisors is a joint venture whose owners, Aumento and NDLO, boast of over three decades of experience in executing international projects in the Nordic and Asian countries. Aumento has its office in Central Copenhagen and NDLO Group has offices and associate offices in India, Sri Lanka and UAE.

This experience allows SGA’s services to span a diverse spectrum. Whether companies wish to bid for and win major government financed projects or identify private projects for their products & services, SGA’s team can provide valuable assistance and advice.